Saturday, December 13, 2008

King Khafra/Khafre

One of the most important questions that I wanted answered was one of the harder ones to find. I was wondering why and who the Great Sphinx was built for... really, doesn't that seem like something that would be kind of important? Then why was it so hard to find?!

Though the answer might seem simple there was something behind it. The Great Sphinx was built for Khafra - the 4th dynasty ruler. The face of the Great Sphinx was thought to represent the king himself, although it has been argued that it may represent his predecessor Djedfra. It was probably intended for the worship of the 3 forms of the sun: Khepri in the morning, Ra at midday, and Atum in the evening - who knew that there was more than one god of the sun?... well not me... Through all of this information, I was kind of confused because earlier they said that the sphinx was built to guard the temple gates but having the sphinx "probably" be used to worship the sun didn't make much sense. Khafra had other rulers buried around him so I thought that with how he started out with the design of a smaller pyramid, he tried to one up the other rulers which they got mad and he needed a sphinx to guard his afterlife from the rage of others. But that's just my opinion. I don't know if it had anything with "one upping each other" or with the "rage to need protection."... oooohhh! scary! :-O


The Great Sphinx used to be covered all the way up to its neck! But then one day King Thutmose IV of Egypt had a dream of the god Horus asking him to clear away the sand, so what did he do? Cleared the sand! duh... who would want to upset a god? Well the workers had to remove the sand multiple times like in 1818, 1886, 1926, and 1938... Those must be some powerful sand storms to cover up the Great Sphinx!

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