Friday, December 12, 2008

Sphinx Structure

Well really I was stuck for a while trying to figure out how they built this huge structure. Before I knew anything about the structure of it, I thought that the Sphinx was built just like the pyramids. With how they used ramps and tools to push and pull the stone slabs up a ramp. (I'm not stupid... it's just that whenever I think about Egypt I tend to think about how the build the pyramids and why in the world someone would do that... but it's not like they had a choice...)But they actually carved the Sphinx out of a knoll from the quarry.
I was surprised that it wasn't made out of rocks which were then pushed up ramps, it was carved out of a huge stone from the quarry. I thought that that made more sense when I started thinking about it because it would be very difficult to have a beard made of blocks hang from the face without having cement or anything like that to make it stick. But after the years that might be the reason to why the nose and the beard fell off, or it could be because they carved it too close and then it was too heavy and the rock was weathered... and fell off. BUT! That's not the only reason it did! During the beginning of a war the Egyptians used the nose or a certain part of the face for shooting practice which also wore it down to the point of where it finally fell off.

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